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Respect and privacy Our values

Experienced professionals, we put our values at the center of our culture. Our values are:

A “Client First” ethic »

we work transparently with the concerns of the client at heart. Our expertise and advice are provided with the sole objective of the economic interest of the company and the creation of value for shareholders.

In addition, we are firmly convinced that we can be pleasant while having a strong expertise and for that we favor open and frank exchanges in all kindness.

Strict independence

EvalXP is based on a partnership model and we are adamant about conflicts of interest or other governance gaps. It goes without saying that we attach great importance to all notions of confidentiality.

Concentration of efforts

Our senior consultants are dedicated to a specific mission and we attach particular importance to responsiveness. Delivering impact and added value in a short timeframe is in our DNA.

Technical expertise at the service of the client

We are recognized professionals and we have experts in our professional network. We thus deliver the highest technical expertise by offering tailor-made solutions adapted to each case.

Since the valuation of an asset is extremely contingent on its context and environment, we believe that this "tailor-made" solution is the best solution to give you a meaningful estimate.

The valuation of an asset is extremely contingent on the context and the environment of the latter, we think that this "tailor-made" is the best solution to give you an estimate that makes sense.


Being both teachers in high schools, our passion is the transmission of knowledge. We believe that in the context of a valuation, providing you with transparent explanations of the methods and the formulation of assumptions can only be beneficial to you.

Indeed, it is by having full knowledge of the models and their limitations that you can make the best decisions. Trust capital is very valuable to us.
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Copyright 2020 © EvalXP. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2020 © EvalXP. All rights reserved.