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EvalXP is a consulting firm created by two corporate finance professionals, one teaching at HEC Paris and the other at Ecole Polytechnique.

Cumulating 40 years of experience in finance and 20 years of teaching in French Grandes Ecoles, MBA, Executive Training programs, we offer our expertise, our skills and our experiences to help you for the valuation of your assets whatever their content, to make a diagnosis of the financial situation of your business or to support you in the design of your Business Plan.

We are completely independent, transparent and open in our methods and we will take pleasure in opening the “black box” and in clearly explaining our methods and working hypotheses to you.

Our goal is to provide you with all the reasoned and rational elements in order to arrive at an estimate of the value of your asset with a level of confidence allowing you to calmly make the right decisions.

Know us Who are we?

EvalXP is an expert firm created by two corporate finance professionals teaching one at HEC Paris and the other at the Ecole Polytechnique.
Founding and managing partner EVALXP


A business banking veteran with more than 25 years of experience in the field, Patrick Legland is an internationally recognized expert in corporate finance. Having exercised top management responsibilities at Société Générale (Managing Director and Member of the Executive Committee Global Capital Markets for more than 10 years), Patrick Legland was confronted with very high level financial problems in a varied palette of subjects (Mergers Acquisitions, Initial Public Offering, LBO / Private Equity, Corporate Restructuring / Refinancing and Fundraising for Startups and finally Capital Market Transaction).

He also has to his credit a vast international career in numerous banks (London, Hong Kong, New York and Paris within BNP Paribas, UBS, and Societe Generale) adding to his vast experience an additional dimension.

Patrick Legland is very involved in teaching through HEC Paris. Academic Director at HEC Paris, he is responsible for all the “Summer School Finance” programs, creator of the “Creating Value through Financial Decision” program for executives and professor respected and appreciated within numerous programs at HEC Paris - including the Master in International Finance, a world-renowned excellence program.

Finally, Patrick Legland is a member of the Board of the HEC Finance Club (electing in particular the best professional thesis from HEC every year) and member of the SFAF (French Society of Financial Analysts) where he regularly speaks at conferences.
Founding partner EVALXP


With a doctorate in physics from the Ecole Polytechnique, an expert in modeling (financial and engineering), Benjamin Forestier has been working with the world of finance for more than ten years.

With his mathematical and financial skills, he was able to collaborate with various institutions in the valuation of derivative products such as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley in New York.
Benjamin Forestier had the pleasure of having Mr. Legland as a professor at HEC Paris in the Executive Master "Financial Management". Benjamin Forestier teaches at the Ecole Polytechnique (Case studies in Corporate Finance within the Masters in Economics, Data Analysis and Corporate Finance and Private Equity).

The students that Benjamin Forestier has the pleasure of supervising work in the largest financial institutions (Rothschild, Lazare, Morgan Stanley, etc.). He also frequently works in banking through the training organization First Finance (leader in the coaching / training market in finance) on subjects of valuation, LBO / Management Package structuring or project financing. A physicist engineer, Benjamin Forestier has been working in the engineering of complex systems for the aerospace and defense industry for 10 years and is currently responsible for Corporate Strategy within a subsidiary of Ariane Group.

He is an expert in financial simulation and modeling for derivative products (for example stock options). He frequently uses Monte Carlo tools and decision trees for his financial evaluations.
Recognized performance

Why us?

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors (investment banks, consulting firms and accountants) by our targeting of SMEs / mid-caps, our geographic coverage in the provinces and our "Finance / Modeling" complementarity.
Academic experiences
Finance professors.
HEC Paris 1st Master in World Finance.
Polytech 2nd “Small University” World.
Times Higher Education (2020).
Accompanied clients
90% clients renew assignments.
Long-term projects committed.
Data base
Access to more than 30 databases.
Sector expertise guaranteed.
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Copyright 2020 © EvalXP. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2020 © EvalXP. All rights reserved.